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How Ankur grew his Instagram presence from 14k followers in Mar, 2020 to 1M followers in Nov, 2021 and to 2M in Nov, 2022

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Learn how Ankur grew his LinkedIn presence to 2M+ followers and became one of India's top LinkedIn creators!

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About the Course


If you don’t have a personal brand on LinkedIn, you’re missing out on professional opportunities, potential freelancing leads, and becoming a thought leader in your industry.

From fundamental concepts to advanced insights and strategies, How To LinkedIn will dive deep into everything you need to maximise your LinkedIn presence, such as:

You will have the exact blueprint you need to build a strong personal brand and advance your career through LinkedIn. Understanding all of the above via a tried-and-tested process that is bound to work for you!

What’s in the Course

Delve Deeper into Your Professional Identity

What drives you to create content on LinkedIn?

Understand your purpose for content creation to find a niche that sets you apart. LinkedIn is so much more than a job-searching platform, and this section will outline how LinkedIn can help you achieve your professional goals.

Identifying & Understanding Your Target Audience

Is your content speaking to the right set of people?

LinkedIn has 134.5 million active users every day — learn how to identify your target audience through various frameworks to ensure each content piece you share is strategic. 

Building Your Content Creation System

How does one remain consistent with their content?

Consistency is important but not easy. Whether you’re an individual or a team, discover how to optimise the elements of a content process for an infinite “content engine”. Learn the insights and tools used for Brand warikoo’s content system.

LinkedIn Analytics - for Data Backed Planning​

Does analysing content metrics confuse you? 

Success on LinkedIn is incomplete without understanding how to evaluate your content’s performance. Know everything about the algorithm by analysing metrics, gain insights from Brand warikoo, and learn how to use data as the backbone of your content strategy to maximise views and engagement.

Creating a Strong Personal Brand for Yourself

How should you position yourself on LinkedIn to build visibility and authority?

Learn how Brand warikoo’s content evolved with changing goals. Delve deep into what strategies make a memorable personal brand and how you can align them with your niche and goals.

Start Making Money from LinkedIn

Wondering how to scale your career with LinkedIn?

This section will teach all that you need to know about the stages of monetisation, the blueprint to monetise your audience as a business owner, a freelancer, or a corporate professional, along with learning how to develop a successful pricing strategy.

Exclusive Bonus Content

Looking for something more? You got it.

With our Premium plan, get access to bonus content such as case studies on how creators found their ‘Why’, a content checklist to help you stay on track, and monthly community sessions and live Q&As to help you grow your network and make the most of your learning!

Meet Your Instructor


Ankur has been creating content on LinkedIn for the past 10 years. He started in 2013 with zero followers. Today, with 2M+ followers on LinkedIn, he is consistently ranked as one of the top profiles globally. He is also part of LinkedIn’s Top Voice program — an invitation-only group of experts across the professional world.

Overall, he has a following of 10M+ across different social media platforms. He is only the 4th person in the world to have 2M+ followers across LinkedIn, Instagram and YouTube. 

warikoo is currently building his education startup, WebVeda, which offers online courses for young professionals to get life-ready.

Guest Speakers

Shreya Pattar

With a personal branding agency and over 130K followers on LinkedIn, Shreya’s insights are bound to help you increase your LinkedIn visibility and engagement with strategic content.

Vaibhav Sisinty

An entrepreneur and marketing consultant with over 380K followers on LinkedIn, Vaibhav shares his strategies to grow on the platform and leverage it for multiple opportunities.

Vedika Bhaia

A LinkedIn strategist who’s worked with over 200 clients and has over 200K followers, Vedika’s approach to the platform will help you build thought leadership through your personal brand.

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Frequently Asked Questions

A Certificate will be available upon the completion of the course.
The primary language is English but there may be some discussions or banter in Hindi. All course videos consist of English subtitles.
To make the most of this course and to action your learnings, we highly recommend you to have an Instagram account. The course is designed to be relevant for all Instagram handles, irrespective of the number of followers.
The course is self-paced and will require approximately 12 hours. If you have the Premium version, you’ll also have access to bonus content, monthly live community sessions, and monthly live Q&A sessions.
The learnings shared in the course are applicable to both individual creators as well as brand pages.
The Premium version of the course will consist of monthly live Q&A sessions with all the instructors to make sure your queries are answered. Nonetheless, you can drop us an email at and we'll get back to you soon.
In case you do not like the course, you can cancel it within 14 days of your purchase. Drop us an email at & we’ll cancel your course enrollment and refund your money within a few hours.