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How Ankur grew his Instagram presence from 14k followers in Mar, 2020 to 1M followers in Nov, 2021 and to 2M in Nov, 2022

Learn from warikoo and his team, about how they grew his Instagram presence to
2.7 Million+ followers in 3 years!

This is for you, if you want to

About the Course

If you aspire to become an Instagram influencer with the power of your content, but feel clueless when it comes to…

…then this course will guide you in the right direction and show you the exact process that many of your favorite Instagram influencers followed while growing their brand.

You will know how to –

You will have the exact blueprint you need to grow your personal brand on Instagram and turn it into a
full-time career.

What’s in the Course?

Introspection and Niche Selection

Discover your value systems and understand your motivation behind content creation. Know everything about Instagram as a platform and identify the content category that aligns with your purpose.

Identifying and Understanding Your Instagram Audience

Your content is not made for everyone and that’s why you need to plan who you want to connect with through your content. This impacts your reach and engagement significantly.

Building Your Content Creation System

Create an unstoppable content engine on Instagram. Learn the secrets of curating top-notch content consistently without missing a beat. Gain insights from how we did it at Brand warikoo.

Defining Your Visual Identity and Brand Visibility

You need to have your own unique brand identity. From choosing the right colors, to evoking emotions, to maintaining visual consistency, we will cover it all.

Editing Your Content for Maximum Impact

This is going to be a game changer if done correctly. We will cover both video and audio editing and see how it massively impacts your content quality.

Instagram Analytics - for Data Backed Planning

Understand how to maximize your views and engagement and what metrics you need to track. In this analytics module, we will see how to study data and make data-backed decisions to elevate your Instagram presence.

Building Your Personal Brand

Build a personal brand that stands out from the crowd. In this masterclass, we will cover the frameworks of building a virtual presence and creating your own visibility which sets you apart from others.

Meet Your Instructor

warikoo and team

Ankur has been creating content on Instagram for more than three years. He grew from 14,000 followers to 1 Million in a period of 18 months. Subsequently, he doubled it to 2 million within just one year. Overall, he has a following of more than 10 Million across all social media platforms.

Also, meet the incredible team behind our Instagram course. Each member playing a pivotal role in bringing this learning experience to life – Aditya Vora, Horia Sidiqi, Shivam Gupta and Shaurya Shikhar.

This squad is all about bringing you the best of the best in the Instagram game.

Guest Speakers

Sharan Hegde

Sharan Hegde, creator of ‘Finance with Sharan’ and founder of ‘The 1% Club’ provides game-changing insights on the framework of virality.

Raj Shamani

Entrepreneur and social media maven Raj Shamani dissects the art of personal branding and unveils the path to lucrative opportunities.

Viraj Sheth

Monk Entertainment’s co-founder, Viraj Sheth, reveals the secrets of successful monetization for Instagram creators.

Radhika Warikoo

Radhika Warikoo’s niche is a unique blend of dance and storytelling. Her journey of discovering her niche will inspire you to find yours.

Chetan Goel

Entertaining all with his relatable content, Chetan Goel gives a transparent take on generating infinite content ideas.

Neeru Soni

Known as ‘The Boxing Nightingale’, Neeru Soni hits the right notes as she shares her secrets about Instagram growth through ads.

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Frequently Asked Questions

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To make the most of this course and to action your learnings, we highly recommend you to have an Instagram account. The course is designed to be relevant for all Instagram handles, irrespective of the number of followers.
The primary language is English but there may be some discussions or banter in Hindi. All course videos consist of English subtitles.
The course is self-paced and will require approximately 12 hours. If you have the Premium version, you’ll also have access to bonus content, monthly live Q&A sessions, course upgrades and community channel.
The learnings shared in the course are applicable to both individual creators as well as brand pages.
A certificate will be available upon the completion of the course.

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