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Learn everything that you need, to go from selecting a startup idea to running a successful business, all in just 8 chapters.

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What will you get in the 8 Chapters

Chapter 1

How to shortlist a bunch of startup ideas?

Chapter 2

How do you pick the right startup idea?

Chapter 3

Finding your cofounder and the founding team

Chapter 4

Basics of founder equity and ESOPs

Chapter 5

Basics of fundraising

Chapter 6

Planning and building your product’s first version

Chapter 7

Pricing your product

Chapter 8

Releasing your product and getting the first set of customers

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Who is this Course designed for

  • Congratulations on starting young!
  • More than 19% of the course takers are students ranging from Art, Science, Commerce, Engineering, and MBA backgrounds.
  • With the simple explanation and frameworks inside this course, you can start a business and run it full-time or part-time.
  • Almost 40% of my students are like you. If you wish to startup but are not sure which idea to work on and how to or whether or not to proceed with starting your own business, this course is for you.
  • You can Startup without quitting your job.
  • It will help you in your decision-making every step of the way.
  • Almost 32% of the course takers are startup founders or are running a business.
  • I promise you, after completing this course, you will be able to run your business smoothly.
  • And get the guidance you need in terms of finance, team building, product launch, customer management, and sales, for your startup.
  • 9% of my students who joined this course are either Looking to change their career, are Unemployed, or are unsatisfied with their 9-5 life and wanted to explore Entrepreneurship.
  • You can use the Course to Start Fresh and give Entrepreneurship a chance.
  • Using this course you can decide if entrepreneurship is for you and how you can be a business owner without any prior experience in running a business.

Meet your Startup Mentor

Ankur Warikoo

7Mn+ followers

I am Ankur Warikoo – an entrepreneur, angel investor, startup mentor and public speaker. Became an entrepreneur in 2009 with (yeah! long story. fun story) and Started Groupon’s Indiabusiness in 2011; ran APAC along with India until 2015.
Founded nearbuy.comin 2015. At, we built a high-performance team of more than 400 people, generated $100Mn of annual sales, and also raised $40Mn+ from Sequoia and Paytm. Was CEO until 2019 when I exited for more than $100Mn.
As an angel investor, I have invested in 20+ startups and I am a mentor/coach to several first-time entrepreneurs. FORTUNE India featured me in their 40 Under 40 list for India and I am also part of LinkedIn India’s PowerProfiles list. More than anything else, I am passionate about helping first-time founders avoid the same mistakes that I made when I became one.

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7Mn+ followers

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“ Taught with Practical examples, not just theory…“

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“From Selecting the idea to launching in the market..“

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